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In today's cutthroat economic environment it has become increasingly important to clearly position yourself with your products and services and to unmistakably communicate who you are and what you can. Public relations can enhance sales, create value and increase awareness for your company and your products.

Whatever works in your home country might not necessarily match the needs of your target groups in Germany or the German media – and simple translations of press releases from English to German are only the second-best solution.

Why not choose a German public relations expert fluent in English and gain the best of both worlds: a partner at your side fully understanding you and your needs and successful creative and customized PR that reaches your target group and gets your message across.



Public relations concepts

  • External communications

  • Internal communications

Marketing concepts

Social media concepts

Media work (in German)

  • Press release - text and distribution
    Social media news release - text and distribution

  • Articles

  • Case study writing

  • Press conferences

  • Editorial contacts

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