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Social Media in Germany




Social media - more than an Olympic motto

Web 2.0 and social media offer many opportunities to meet and network with your target audience.  It just takes one click and the world can learn about you and your company. Unfortunately, many companies use social media tools in the sense of Pierre de Coubertin: “The most important thing is not to win but to take part!”


If you want to be on a winning streak – turn your customers into fans with the right strategy and creative ideas!

Germans are said to be uptight, reserved and not very funny. In fact, we do have a different approach to social media. Some say Germans are more concerned about their privacy and tend to tell less about themselves than citizens of other countries. Maybe that is why Germany ranked low in the international comparison 2010 (see below) showing the usage of social media?

Meanwhile social media is on the rise in Germany

  • nearly 75 % of all Germans older than 14 years surf online 

  • 50% of the people online have been visiting Facebook

  • and 35% of all Germans are registered on Facebook.

  • Twitter is less popular here but more successful than LinkedIn - with XING being the German equivalent to LinkedIn.

So if you are planning to interact with your target groups – please bear in mind that the German attitude towards social media and the contents of social media might not be what you are used to.

Together we can analyze your business and your target group and can determine whether social media is the right approach for you.
Find out more about social media in Germany and what I can do for you.


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